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Tim Tebow to star in Die Hard with Bruce Willis?

Tim Tebow finally got the starting quarterback job for the Denver Broncos, but is he leaving football to pursue a career in acting?

On Jim Rome’s ESPN Radio Show, Fox Filmed Entertainment CEO John Rothman threw Tebow’s name out to play Bruce Willis’ son in the movie Die Hard V. Willis’ legendary character John McClane, combines grit, determination and fear. Rothman asked Rome, “What do you think of Tebow in the lead?”

Rome argued, “He might be too nice, but no one would work harder to make it work.” Rothmans says he expects many young Hollywood actors to audition for the part. “We have to find just the right guy.”

If Tebow does get the part, will he wear his John 3:16 eye black?

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Greg Gumbel calls CBS ESPN

Greg Gumbel momentarly forgot what network he worked for during his broadcast of the NCAA tournament and accidentally called CBS ESPN. Although Gumbel worked for ESPN for almost 20 years, CBS pays the big bucks to the broadcasting rights.

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Weekend Video: ESPN reporter attacked by alpaca

… now that the protesting in Egypt has stopped, being an ESPN reporter covering a Peruvian soccer tournament may just be the most dangerous journalism assignment.

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Homeless man wins ESPN.com Fantasy Football grand prize

A homeless Massachusetts man Nathan Harrington beat out 3.1 million other competitors to win the ESPN.com Fantasy Football challenge taking home $3,500 worth of Best Buy gift certificates.

After getting into a nerve damaging car crash last fall, Harrington was forced to move into a cheap motel with his finance and three-year old son. With no computer, Harrington relied on the public library, his father’s nursing home and his friends to check his lineup.

God was on his side or at least Tim Tebow’s side… Harrington finished in first place by .8 points after he started the Denver Bronco’s quarterback in the final week. Harrington is selling the gift certificates to his mother for $2,500 and will use the money to help him and his family move into a new apartment.

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