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Jerome Bettis can’t throw a football into a hockey net #FAIL

Jerome Bettis proved he can shoot a hockey puck but can’t throw a football into a hockey net. The football legend was in a charity hockey shootout with fellow Pittsburgh Steelers legend Franco Harris during the intermission of the Winter Classic. The former NFL stars were each given 10 pucks to shoot worth $500 a piece and a special bonus of $5,000 if they could throw the football into the goal.

The Pittsburgh Penguins, who are down 2-1 against the Washington Capitals during the second intermission, could use Bettis’ help since he scored nine goals to Harris’ seven, but the highlight of the competition was when the gentlemen were given the opportunity to throw a football. While Harris’s throw was short, he at least made it into the net, which is a lot more than Bettis can say. I think he is riding the short bus on this one.

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