Sidney Crosby Alexander Ovechkin Vanity Fair photo shoot

Hockey stars Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin are in the new issue of Vanity Fair for the January 1st Winter Classic against the Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals.

The NHL tried to leverage the metrosexual readership of Vanity Fair to expand their fanbase for a sport where the mullet is acceptable and fighting is encouraged. Despite the NHL’s effort, Vanity Fair only printed a 290-word preice withouth any quotes form either athlete. But let’s face it, Vanity Fair is way classier than anything Ovechkin would have said.

This year’s Winter Classic is at Pittsburgh Steeler’s Heinz Field, and while the Capitals don’t have a particularly strong fan base, the main reason for this match up is because of the Ovechkin Crosby rivalry.

The two stars are polar opposite, not only in their playing style but Ovechkin loves his Russian ladies… while Crosby still lives at the home of Penguins owner Mario Lemuiex.

In a Vanity Fair online exclusive interview, Crosby touches on their rivalry saying, “It always feels like there’s a bit more there just because of the emotion, because of the intensity. I guess that’s what makes rivalries—when it seems like there’s a little bit extra there…He’s got speed; he’s big; he’s physical. He can score from pretty much anywhere.”

Another noteworthy comment from Crosby is that his favorite player is Steve Yzerman. After being a fan of Crosby from when he was 13 (creepy I know), I had to abruptly end my Crosby fanhood when he cheated me out of seeing the Red Wings win two Stanley Cups in person (2008′s Game 5 and 2009′s Game 7). Finding out Crosby is a fan of Yzerman, only the greatest player ever, may have just reignited the flame.

To read Crosby’s entire transcript click here!

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2 Responses to Sidney Crosby Alexander Ovechkin Vanity Fair photo shoot

  1. Allan Kolstad says:

    Who is that guy with messed up teeth?

  2. Fabiana says:

    The guy with the gap is Alexander Ovechkin


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