Cristiano Ronaldo’s baby mama wants her child back!

This past summer, Cristiano Ronaldo shocked the world when he announced he had a baby, just days after Portugal was knocked out of the World Cup. Details were not released about the child or who the mother was.

Now, the British tabloid The Mirror is reporting that the mother of Ronaldo’s only child is a 20-year old woman with whom he had a one night stand with. Ronaldo paid the woman $10 million to sign over her rights to the child. The baby, who is named Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., is being raised with the help of Ronaldo’s mother and sister, but now the baby mama wants her son back!

The woman is pleading with Ronaldo to let her see Baby Cristiano, but the soccer star refuses. According to The Mirror, Ronaldo will only let the woman see her son if she pays some of the money back he gave her in their settlement.

The mother, who is a British student, is said to be so upset and depressed that she dropped out of school. In the contract, the mother is not allowed to tell anyone she is the mother, not even her family, ““She feels like she has sold her soul. She has this millionaire lifestyle, but can never tell her friends and family the truth about what has happened – and that makes her incredibly lonely.”

If anyone knows any 20-year old British women who magically stumbled upon $10 million, it may just be Ronaldo’s baby mama.

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