Dez Bryant refusing to partake in Dallas Cowboys rookie hazing

Dallas Cowboys rookie Dez Bryant is the sorority girl who tattles on hazing. Bryant is refusing to take part in the Cowboys rite of passage for rookies to carry veteran teammates’ shoulder pads.

The Oklahoma State WR was drafted by the Cowboys in the first round and refused to carry Roy Williams’ shoulder pads after practice at training camp.

Williams is threatening to take the hazing to step 2 and take advantage of Bryant’s credit card. Other NFL teams, like the San Diego Chargers, make their rookies take them out to dinner.

Instead, Bryant it defending his prima donna antics saying: “”I’m not doing it. I feel like I was drafted to play football, not carry another player’s pads. If I was a free agent, it would still be the same thing. I just feel like I’m here to play football. I’m here to try to help win a championship, not carry someone’s pads. I’m saying that out of no disrespect to [anyone].”

What does Bryant think everyone else was drafted for?

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Miles Austin Sports Illustrated article

Although Sports Illustrated would have never written an article for their NFL Preview on Miles Austin if he wasn’t dating Kim Kardashian, it is still worth mentioning. Never being a big fan of Reggie Bush, Kardashian’s new beau is a hard worker, an artist, and a late bloomer. The article is in the latest issue of Sports Illustrated and covers Austin’s long road to becoming a Jersey Chased.

Austin did not start playing football until his junior year of high school. A star athlete in basketball and track, Austin was forced to join the football team as punishment for showing up late for school. A natural, in his two years at Garfield high school, Austin had 65 catches, 1,675 yards and 15 TDs. Flying under the radar of DI recruiters, Austin went on to play football at I-AA Monmouth University.

Like his high school career, Austin put up big numbers at Monmouth but failed to track the attention of NFL scouts. An undrafted Austin signed with the Cowboys as a free-agent after legendary former Cowboys coach Bill Parcells called him.

Despite signing with the Cowboys, Austin’s playing chances were grim, spending his first three seasons on special teams. Austin got his big break when the departure of Terrell Owens left an opening for a receiver in the Cowboy’s lineup. In 2009, his first real shot at playing, Austin led the NFC in receiving yards and receiving touchdowns. A late coming out party, Austin was then selected to the 2010 pro-bowl.

Austin comes from a blue-collar New Jersey background. His dad, Miles Jr., works as a truck driver and his mom teaches physical education to children with autism. Did I mention Austin also paints?

While Austin’s critics are skeptical if he can repeat his 2009 season, those around the 26-year old have no doubt believing in his talent and strong work ethic. Austin is also dating Kim Kardashian… so that is a guaranteed championship.

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NCAA investigating 49ers South Beach party

San Francisco 49ers Vernon Davis and Frank Gore threw a party in a South Beach, and it is now being investigated by the NCAA. Gore is a former Miami Hurricane and hosted the party back in May at the Fontainbleau Hotel where allegedly many college athletes stayed or attended the party.

Gore told SportsBusiness Journal there was a party at the house but didn’t know if there were any athletes who attended:”I don’t even know those guys. There were a lot of people there; it was crazy. I paid for my own party.”

The investigation comes after Alabama defensive end Marcell Dareus was being investigated if he broke any rules by attending an agent’s party in South Beach.

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Sam Bradford gaurenteed contract could change the NFL

St. Louis Rams are trying to negotiate a contract with the No.1 pick Sam Bradford. The Rams hope to finalize a deal by Friday in time for training camp. The former Heisman Trophy winner is expected to land the richest contract in NFL history.

Bradford’s reps are trying to get guaranteed money in the area of $45-50 million… this coming from a guy who ended his college season early with shoulder surgery.

Last year the Detroit Lions gave No.1 overall pick Matt Stafford a six-year deal for $41.7 m in guaranteed money. Bradford’s contract is expected to exceed Stafford’s contract by at least $5 million… not bad for a kid who didn’t even throw at the NFL Combine.

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