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Little Sisters of the Poor congratulate TCU’s Rose Bowl win with billboards in Ohio

Despite going undefeated, Texas Christian University has been criticized for playing a weak schedule. Earlier in the season, Ohio State President George Gee denounced TCU saying, “Having been both a Southeastern Conference president and a Big Ten president, that it’s like murderer’s row every week for these schools. We do not play the Little Sisters of the Poor. We play very fine schools on any given day.”

Now that TCU has won the Rose Bowl and defeated Wisconsin, the Horn Frogs are not letting Gee forget his comments. 20 electronic billboards have gone up in the Columbus, Ohio area congratulating TCU on their Rose Bowl victory, from “The Littler Sisters of the Poor.”

Ohio State finished second behind Wisconsin in the Big 10 and instead went to the Sugar Bowl where they defeated Arkansas. There is no telling if the Buckeyes would be able to beat the Little Sisters of the Poor, but as my 90-year old grandma says, “It’s Catholic so it’s no monkey business.”

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Oregon fan will marry an Auburn fan if the Ducks lose the BCS Championship

The upcoming Oregon-Auburn BCS Championship game is StubHub’s highest selling event in history, and one Oregon fan is so confident his Ducks will win, he is willing to bet his bachelorhood on it.

Ryan Tharp will marry an Auburn fan in Las Vegas and pay for it if Oregon loses… if the Ducks are the BCS National Championship, Tharp wants his bride to pay for their wedding. Tharp posted the bet on Craigslist saying:

“I, along with several buddies, will be celebrating the Duck victory in Vegas from Jan. 11 to 14. During that extravaganza, I plan on taking in the entire Vegas experience, including marrying a stranger. So, if you are going to be in Vegas after the National Championship, believe in your Tigers and want to have stories to tell your grandchildren (won’t be mine) then shoot me an e-mail with a pic.”

Now if that doesn’t say happily ever after, I don’t know what does!

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Boise State loses first game of the season but 10K Facebook fans support kicker Brotzman

Boise State lost its first game of the season in an upset to Nevada on Friday night, 34-31. It was the team’s first loss since 2008 in the Poinsetta Bowl to TCU. Boise State had long argued for its place at the top of college football, but many argued Boise State played a weaker schedule, and its record was misleading. Boise State was ranked No.3 in the BCS standings and was making a strong case for a bid to the National Championship. Then, in the team’s last meaningful game of the season, the Broncos fell short to No.19 Nevada.

Kyle Brotzman, Boise State’s all-time leading kicker and scoring leader, missed two field goals in the loss to Nevada. The biggest heartache came when Brotzman missed a 26-yard field goal with 2 seconds left in regulation that would have won the game.

You’d think that Brotzman would turn into Boise State’s Public Enemy No.1, but Bronco fans have rallied around the kicker making a Facebook group: Bronco Nations Loves Kyle Brotzman.

The Facebook group has almost 10,000 Facebook fans. In a story of good versus evil, other negative and derogatory Facebook groups have been created against Brotzman, but none have generated the following like this one.

Boise State may have kissed their chance to the BCS Title Game and National Championship goodbye, but at least they win the Social Media Bowl. The Kyle Brontzman Facebook fan page has almost double the fans than Oregon Duck Football.

The Ducks are ranked No.1 in the BCS and the favorite to win the National Championship. To fan the Bronco Nation Loves Kyle Brotzman click here!

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Weekend Roundup: Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Monday jersey chasers! Hope you had a good weekend,  here are some stories you may have missed.. xoxo & keep chasing

Brett Favre lives another day as the Minnesota Vikings come from behind to beat the Arizona Cardinals

The Dallas Cowboys lose again

Local reporter gets knocked out by U of M QB during their 67-65 triple overtime win against Illinois (no that’s not a basketball score)

Flyers announcer pays tribute to “It’s Always Sunny” during broadcast

Dancing with the Stars to tango with St. Louis Cardinals pitcher

Lil Wayne is freeman and a Hornets fans

Alabama loses to LSU putting them in the Top 5 BCS rankings


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