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NBA player to join a fraternity during lockout?

While most players are going over seas to play basketball during the NBA lockout, Minnesota Timberwolves Anthony Randolph has taken the Animal House route and wants to join a fraternity. Randolph left college early to pursue his NBA dreams after his freshmen year at LSU. While Randolph continued to take online classes for his sociology major, with an NBA season likely, he has rented an apartment for the fall in Baton Rouge within walking distance of LSU’s campus.

“The students know I’m from the NBA, but it’s more fun because I can focus on my schoolwork,” Randolph told Yahoo Sports. “I don’t have the basketball distraction. I’m a more focused student now after being in the real world for a couple of years.”

Hope he handles hazing better than Dez Bryant!

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Weekend Roundup: Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Monday jersey chasers! Hope you had a good weekend,  here are some stories you may have missed.. xoxo & keep chasing

Brett Favre lives another day as the Minnesota Vikings come from behind to beat the Arizona Cardinals

The Dallas Cowboys lose again

Local reporter gets knocked out by U of M QB during their 67-65 triple overtime win against Illinois (no that’s not a basketball score)

Flyers announcer pays tribute to “It’s Always Sunny” during broadcast

Dancing with the Stars to tango with St. Louis Cardinals pitcher

Lil Wayne is freeman and a Hornets fans

Alabama loses to LSU putting them in the Top 5 BCS rankings


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