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Remembering Bob Probert

Legendary hockey bad boy Bob Probert died tragically this past summer of cardiac arrest. Although Probert spent most of his NHL days in and out of legal troubles, he was always the go to tough guy. Probert played most of his career with the Detroit Red Wings and Chicago Blackhawks. Before his death, Probert wrote a memoir with Kristie McLellan Day titled “Tough Guy: My Life on the Edge.” The Detroit News published excerpts from the book today, and it sums everything that made Probert the hockey player that he was…

I had a little trouble staying current with my probation requirements, so the Red Wings cut a deal with a judge that I would spend one night in jail. They didn’t tell me, because they were afraid I would disappear. Assistant coach Colin Campbell phoned me up and said, “I’ll pick you up at 8 a.m. Have a suit and tie on.
So the next morning, I got into his car and he said, “OK, look. We’re going to see a judge. We’ve cut a deal. You’re going to spend one night in jail.”
I said, “Oh, that’s just a bunch of bull!”

He said, “We’ve cut a quiet deal. The media doesn’t know. The judge is going to clear out the courtroom, and all you are going to do is spend one night in jail. I brought some stuff for you. Sweats and a toothbrush.”
So we appeared in front of the judge, and he says, “Mr. Probert, I don’t agree with this, I feel your punishment should be much harsher, but we’re going to have you spend one night in jail for breaching your probation. What do you have to say for yourself, Mr. Probert?”
And I said, “Well, I think it’s a joke, Your Honor!”
Soupy looked really choked and he whispered, “Probert … you idiot.”
The judge looked up from his binder and said, “You think it’s a joke, Mr. Probert?”
I was trying to step away from Soupy because he was kicking me, and I said, “Well, I don’t think it’s right. They didn’t tell me about this.”
The judge said something like, “Mr. Probert, I’m allowing this deal against my better wishes. But I know you will be back here. You’ll screw up again. So for now, you’ll spend one night in jail. Now get out of here.”

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NHL star players get gritty

The new NHL season just started on Wednesday, but star players are coming out swinging (literally), with a don’t mess with me approach. It is NHL code not to mess with a team’s talented players, and if they do teams have designated enforcers to protect them. But so far this season, the stars have been the ones taking matters into their own hands. Detroit Red Wing Pavel Datsyuk challenged Anaheim Ducks Corey Perry. Datsyuk surprised many fans at his ability to hold his own because he is a former Lady Bing winner, for the league’s most sportsmanship like player… which usually translates into being a wimp. Even the Red Wings’ opponents were talking about Datsyuk’s technique.

“I guess he really can do it all,” said Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews. The Red Wings played the Blackhawks on Saturday. “He must be sick of all the trophies he’s collected at the end of every year, whether it’s the Lady Byng or the Selke awards. I’ll have to look out for him in the scrums, I guess.”

In Saturday night’s Devils Capitals game, there was a total of five fights, and Russian all-star Ilya Kovalchuk was at the helm. Devils Kovalchuk took on Capitals Mike Greene. In response, Devils coach John MacLean said, “Mike Green is one of those players trying to get something going, I guess. Ilya is a big guy. He can take care of himself.”

But Kovalchuk himself is not too worried, “Hockey is a contact sport. A fight is part of the contact. Sometimes it happens.”

Although the NHL season has just started, it is too early to tell if the league’s fighting culture is changing. In the past decade, fighting has been on the demise. With the institution of the salary cap, many teams do not have room for enforcers, but as Kovalchuk and Datsyuk have proven… they can take matters into their own hands just fine, and it makes for great TV!

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Mike Ilitch is buying the Detroit Pistons

Detroit Red Wings and Detroit Tigers owner Mike Ilitch will now be a triple threat in the sports owners’ world as he adds owner of the Detroit Pistons to his resume. Ilitch secured an exclusive 30-day agreement to purchase the team and Palace Entertainment, that could be completed before the start of the NBA season. Ilitch’s bid to buy the team is reportedly worth $400 million and includes the purchase of Palace Entertainment.

Illitch’s purchase of the Pistons would not only make him a dominant force in the sporting world but also in entertainment. Illitch owns Olympia Entertainment, which includes such facilities as: Fox Theatre and Cobo Arena.

While the Pistons currently play at the Palace of Auburn Hills, Ilitch has not made it a secret that he wants to move the team back to Detroit. The Pistons left the city in the 1970′s, and the Detroit Red Wings are also looking for a new arena. Detroit Mayor Daive Bing hopes they return, “We continue to be excited about the possibility of the Detroit Pistons returning to Detroit, which is nationally recognized as a destination for professional sports. The deal is not done, but we remain optimistic.” Bing is also a former NBA player.

Ilitch first expressed interest in purchasing the Pistons back in early August when current owner Karen Davidson reviled that the selling of the team meant there was no guarantee the team would be staying in Michigan.  Karen took over ownership of the team when her late husband Bill Davidson died in March 2009.

Bill Davidson and Mike Ilitch had an ongoing rivalry as business leaders in Detroit.  In June, The Palace filed a lawsuit accusing Ilitch Holdings of taking employees and proprietary information.

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Paul McCartney adds Penguins sticker to famous Red Wings guitar

Paul McCartney wrote the song “Yesterday” with the now iconic guitar known to Beatles fans as the “guitar with the Red Wings sticker.” McCartney still uses the guitar whenever he preforms the hit. The Pittsburgh Penguins new Consol Energy Center had its grand opening, with McCartney playing two sold out shows Wednesday and Thursday. As one can imagine, Penguins fans were none to pleased to see McCartney donning a Red Wings sticker on his guitar, so the next night Penguins president Daivd Morehouse and Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl convinced McCartney to add a Penguins sticker.

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