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Erin Andrews dating Chace Crawford

Erin Andrews is jersey chasing Tony Romo’s brother-in-law. Chace Crawford’s sister is married to the Dallas Cowboys quarterback and is rumored to be dating the ESPN sideline reporter and host of College Game Day.  US Weekly is reporting that the couple have gone on a few dates and were seen at dinner in New York. Despite the eight-year age difference, according to the US Weekly insider, “Chace likes that she’s independent and already established.”

The usually coy Andrews is denying the report… subtley Andrews retweeted her rep Lewis Kay’s tweet: ”Would be more interesting if it was true.”  The tweet is in constract to Andrews’ past rumored relationships. During her Dancing With The Stars season, Andrews refrained from commenting on whether she and partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy were dating. Whether they are or they aren’t, the timing of the story coincides nicley with the release of Crawford’s first major movie What To Expect, When You’re Expecting.

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Erin Andrews opens up about peephole video to Marie Claire

In the August issue of Marie Claire, Erin Andrews opens up about the 2009 peephole video that captured naked images of her in her hotel room. While Andrews has been outspoken about the incident on Oprah and lobbied to Congress to pass tougher anti-stalking laws, she has remained relatively quiet about the psychological longterm effects the video had on her.

In the new issue Andrews confineds, “The perception right away was: She’s doing this as a sex tape. She’s doing this for publicity. News sites claimed they showed the video because it was ‘news.’ These news outlets were having so much fun with it. The New York Post put the images from the video up on the front page. The Early Show played clips on their show. Fox News showed stills. It was disgusting. My poor dad was watching this. He had to go on medication, he was so upset watching what was happening to his daughter.”

A spokesperson for Rebook shoes and finalist on Dancing With The Stars, the video made the fit Andrews stop working out, ” I stopped going to my gym for six or seven months because I was afraid of people seeing me working out. I had this mind-set of, ‘Oh, my gosh, everybody’s seen me naked and they’re going to think to themselves, She should be so embarrassed.’ “

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Weekend Video: Erin Andrews talks hockey at Columbus Blue Jackets game

Erin Andrews is in Ohio for the Ohio State Penn State football game. Last night, the cast of ESPN’s College Game Day took sometime to attend the Columbus Blue Jackets Colorado Avalanche game. Andrews got her start covering hockey for the Tampa Bay Lightning and is a former jersey chaser. In the clip above, Andrews admits she did not know much about hockey when she started covering the sport, but she got a crash course when she began dating former Florida Panthers defenseman Ryan Johnson.

The Blue Jackets lost to the Avs 5-1, and Ohio State beat Penn State 38-14.

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The missing link: Erin Andrews gives confirmation she is dating Aaron Rodgers?

Did Erin Andrews give confirmation she is dating Aaron Rodgers to TMZ, and did they not even realize it? Rumors the ESPN sideline reporter and Green Bay Packers quarterback are together started in the summer, but with little evidence it has flown under the radar.

Andrews attended last week’s celebration for the 200th episode of Dancing With The Stars. In a video that can be seen here, Andrews is seen leaving the after party at Boulevard 3 night club. A TMZ paparazzi asks her, “Brett Favre or Tarvaris Jackson?” Both are quarterbacks for the Minnesota Vikings, but Andrews’ response surprises everyone when she says, “Aaron Rodgers.”

The TMZ commentators do not catch Andrews’ subliminal message, and even joke she, “may or may not know anything about professional sports.”

Because I may be the only blogger to religiously watch both TMZ Live and Sports Center, I am confident in saying this video is the Rosetta Stone finally liking the two together.

Pictures from the after party of Andrews and her former dance partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy getting cozy sparked rumors the two were “again” dating… but as evidence shows in the TMZ video, Andrews clearly had Rodgers on her mind.

Keep chasing Erin, this could get you the nod for the Jersey Chaser of the Month for December!

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