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Obama calls Eagles owner to thank him for giving Michael Vick a second chance

Does President Obama have Michael Vick on his fantasy team? The 44th President of the United States called Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffery Lurie to thank him for signing the notorious quarterback and giving him a second chance.

It’s a good thing too, Vick is the leading candidate for the NFL’s MVP and has helped the Eagles to the NFC Division title. Obama spoke to Lurie after he announced he would be adding solar panels to Eagles’ stadium Lincoln Financial Field.

According to Sports Illustrated’s Peter King, the President told Lurie, “It’s never a level playing field for prisoners when they get out of jail.” Lurie said Obama thought, “We did something on such a national stage that showed our faith in giving someone a second chance after such a major downfall.”

After all, America is built on second chances, just don’t let Vick Bo!

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Michael Vick votes Michael Vick for MVP

Michael Vick wants to be MVP for Christmas. The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback told the Associated Press he would vote for himself as the league’s Most Valuable Player. After Christmas Eve practice, Vick said:

“I’m just blessed to be here. I spent two Christmases in Kansas, and that was by far the toughest thing I’ve had to do. Each and every year I reflect on that, and I think it will always make the holiday season more gratifying.”

In his second season since being banned from the NFL for dog fighting, Vick has earned the starting QB job for the Eagles and has the third highest passing rating in the NFL and has run for more touchdowns than all but nine NFL running backs. Seems like jail has really made Vick humble. Tis the season…

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Tashard Choice defends asking Vick for autograph after Cowboys loss

After the Dallas Cowboys lost to the Philadelphia Eagles 30-27 last night, Cowboys runningback Tashard Choice asked Michael Vick for an autograph. Choice’s actions raised eyebrows among Cowboy fans, but Choice is defending himself on Twitter saying:

If its anybody that cares about winning and the d cowboys its me. I apologize to the people it was just an innocent jesture for my nephew.

According to Choice, the autograph was for his three-year old nephew, and Vick “Has nothing to do with how I play on da feel. Y’all are a trip foreal,” he tweeted. “…We all exchange autographs. That’s so stupid for people to get mad about.”

In Choice’s defense, his nephew probably already knows at the age of three not to ask for any Cowboys’ autographs with a record of 4-9.

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Why is Michael Vick trending on Twitter?

Our Twitter followers have asked us why Michael Vick was trending on Twitter. It isn’t National Anti-Animal Abuse Day nor has a new dog fighting scandal broken out, but one of PETA’s most notorious NFLers  put up MVP caliber numbers in last night’s Monday Night Football game.

The Philadelphia Eagles beat the Washington Redskins 59-28. Vick went 20/28 for 222 passing yards. Vick is known for his ability to run the ball, and last night was no exception; Vick was the second-leading rusher with 80 yards and 8 carries. The Eagles took a gamble when they signed Vick last summer, who had not played an NFL game since 2006, signing him to a $1.6 million contract for one year. This off season, Vick exercised a team option worth $5 million, but his contract expires at the end of the season

Vick’s career best game came on the heels of  Donvan McNabb five year $88 million contract with Washington Redskins.  McNabb played 10 seasons with the Eagles before being replaced by Vick, a risk that concerned many fans. News of McNabb’s contract has started rumors that a big contract is in store for Vick.

The Businessinsider.com is reporting last night’s game solidified a contract extension worth $50 million. It was just two Sundays ago that McNabb was benched for Rex Grossman leaving many football fans scratching their heads as to why McNabb got so much money.

The Eagles are currently 6-3, tied for first in the NFC East with the New York Giants. The team owes much of their success to Vick who leads the NFC in passing.

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