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Your NFC-AFC Championship Preview according to Jersey Chasers

As the Chicago bears v. Green Bay Packers and New York Jets v. Pittsburgh Steelers prepare for their respective conference championships test your Jersey Chasing knowledge. While everyone cannot be a winner on the field, as these men have proved, they can still be winners off.

  1. Jamie Lynn Sigler had a summer romance with this NFL quarterback. The former Sopranos star even escorted him at the 2010 Tony Awards where he introduce a performance from the play Memphis. Despite their 7-year age gap, the two immediately connected after meeting at the Tribeca Film Festival.
  2. The dad of an 11-year old daughter briefly dated the socialite in 2004. Paris Hilton was spotted in the stands cheering her man on after they met in Vegas. The NFL star later brushed off their relationship, telling Sports Illustrated it was just fun and nothing serious.
  3. Though never officially confirmed, ESPN’s Erin Andrews was linked to the NFL quarterback and allegedly spotted in his private sky box cheering him on. In the past, Andrews has led others to believe she is dating someone to gain publicity… anyone remember Dancing With The Stars?
  4. Former Hills star Kristin Cavallari was honored as our Jersey Chaser for the Month of September when she began dating Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Culter… but this is not Cavallari’s first time jersey chasing. The Justin Bobby-ex has also dated another quarterback playing for a conference championship this weekend
  5. Spotted- Gossip Girl star Jessica Szohar getting cozy with an NFL quarterback. After breaking up with co-star Ed Westwick, Szohar entered the jersey chasing game. She hails from the home state of her quarterback’s team. A different pace than the Upper East Side, they have been spotted at NBA games and grabbing pizza.
  6. Canadian actress Missy Peregrym chose football over hockey when she dated the NFL quarterback. The model-actress dated the NFL Bad Boy for two years before she broke up with him right before he led his team to the Super Bowl. Peregrym’s ex is now engaged, and Pergrym has retired from jersey chasing.
  7. Julia Allison is the former editor of Star Magazine turned lingerie model who began dating the NFL quarterback in 2009. Allison welcomed the quarterback to her hometown when he was traded. Allison was two-years older than her jersey chasing boyfriend, which may explain why they are no longer together…

Answers: (more…)

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Jersey Chaser Watch: Actress Jessica Szohr dating Aaron Rodgers

Spotted Gossip Girl actress Jessica Szohr jersey chasing Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The Wisconsin native was spotted cheering on Rodgers at the Packers NY Giants game. Szohr later expanded her jersey chaser horizons and took in a Milwaukee Bucks game with her new beau.

Guess Rodgers rumored relationship with ESPN star Erin Andrews is over. Szohr is also newly single, her two-year relationship with Gossip Girl costar Ed Westwick ended in August. Westwick reportedly called it quicks because of Szohr’s wandering eye… Careful Rodgers, sounds like this one is trouble!

The real question is, what will Lonely Boy think? You know you love me xoxox.

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The missing link: Erin Andrews gives confirmation she is dating Aaron Rodgers?

Did Erin Andrews give confirmation she is dating Aaron Rodgers to TMZ, and did they not even realize it? Rumors the ESPN sideline reporter and Green Bay Packers quarterback are together started in the summer, but with little evidence it has flown under the radar.

Andrews attended last week’s celebration for the 200th episode of Dancing With The Stars. In a video that can be seen here, Andrews is seen leaving the after party at Boulevard 3 night club. A TMZ paparazzi asks her, “Brett Favre or Tarvaris Jackson?” Both are quarterbacks for the Minnesota Vikings, but Andrews’ response surprises everyone when she says, “Aaron Rodgers.”

The TMZ commentators do not catch Andrews’ subliminal message, and even joke she, “may or may not know anything about professional sports.”

Because I may be the only blogger to religiously watch both TMZ Live and Sports Center, I am confident in saying this video is the Rosetta Stone finally liking the two together.

Pictures from the after party of Andrews and her former dance partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy getting cozy sparked rumors the two were “again” dating… but as evidence shows in the TMZ video, Andrews clearly had Rodgers on her mind.

Keep chasing Erin, this could get you the nod for the Jersey Chaser of the Month for December!

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Erin Andrews dating Aaron Rodgers

ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews is rumored to be dating Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers. These two were reported to be dating back in the summer but was overshadowed by Andrews’ possible romance with her Dancing With The Stars partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy. According to sources, Andrews was on hand at the Packers Monday Night Football loss to the Chicago Bears. Andrews watched the game in Rodgers’ private box with his family and went out to dinner with them after the game.

Andrews grew up a Packers fan… wonder what ESPN thinks of the alliance between the two Aarons/Erins.

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