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Donald Trump mad at Rihanna for performing at All-Star game

Donald Trump is calling out Rihanna for canceling a concert claiming she was too sick but  performed at the NBA All-Star game the following day. Rihanna was to be paid $500,000 to perform at the Mar-A-Loga Gala cancer benefit in Palm Beach. On the morning of the event, Rihanna backed out saying she was suffering from bronchitis. In actuality, Rihanna was partying in Southern California promoting her new fragrance and attending NBA All-Star events.

Jennifer Hudson was hired in place of Rihanna, but Trump is not letting the no-show off the hook, “For Rihanna to go to the All-Star game and perform after she told us she was sick, that is just a lack of respect,” Trump told the Palm Beach Post.

Sound like to me Trump wants to tell Rihanna, “You’re Fired!”

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Justin Bieber wins MVP at NBA All-Star celebrity game

Despite not even being eligible for the NBA draft, Justin Bieber was named named MVP at the NBA All-Star celebrity game.

The 16-year old heartthrob beat out other celebrities including Common, Romeo and Rob Kardashian. Bieber had eight points, four assists and two rebounds for the West team. Despite Bieber’s MVP caliber performance, the West lost to the East 54-49.

Looks like the NBA can’t even avoid Bieber Fever!

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Lidstrom & Staal named captains for NHL All-Star game

Nick Lidstrom and Eric Staal have been voted by the players selected to be captains of the 2010 All-Star game.

Lidstrom is the Detroit Red Wings captain and oldest player named to the All-Star roster, while Staal is only 26 he is captain of the Carolina Hurricanes who will host the All-Star game on Sunday January 30.

The All-Star teams will be named Team Staal and Team Lidstrom. The captains will select their players in a fantasy-like draft the Friday before the game.

Interestingly, neither Lidstrom or Staal were voted as starters for the game.

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KeepLeBronout.com- Haters start website to campaign to keep LeBron out of NBA All-Star game

LeBron haters of America have banned together to start a campaign to keep LeBron James out of the NBA All-Star game. The movement has even created the website keeplebronout.com with the mission statement:

“It’s simple: if you hate LeBron James as much as we do, fill out the all-star ballot on NBA.com, and pick anyone but LeBron to start at forward for the Eastern Conference. Remember, there’s no limit on voting: the more votes other players get, the better chance we’ll keep his ego in check, and Keep LeBron Out.”

The 2011 All-Star game is scheduled for Febuary 20, 2011 at the LA Staples Center. Fans vote for the starting five players for each conference, and if KeepLeBronout.com has anything to say about it, LeBron will not be one of them.

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