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NBA player Delonte West applies for job at Home Depot

Despite making $14 million in the NBA, Boston Celtics Delonte West has applied for a job at Home Depot during the NBA lockout. West broke the news to his Twitter followers saying, ” It’s official.. Pride 2 the side.. just filled out a application at Home Depot.. Lockout aint a game.”

Unlike most players, who are taking their talents to Europe during the league’s hiatus over labor disputes, West is not able to leave the country after he was put on probation on gun charges.

West is most famously known for allegedly having an affair with LeBron James’ mom, which help attribute to LeBron leaving Cleveland. And it doesn’t look like West can ask LeBron for any of his $45 million during the lockout!

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NBA player to join a fraternity during lockout?

While most players are going over seas to play basketball during the NBA lockout, Minnesota Timberwolves Anthony Randolph has taken the Animal House route and wants to join a fraternity. Randolph left college early to pursue his NBA dreams after his freshmen year at LSU. While Randolph continued to take online classes for his sociology major, with an NBA season likely, he has rented an apartment for the fall in Baton Rouge within walking distance of LSU’s campus.

“The students know I’m from the NBA, but it’s more fun because I can focus on my schoolwork,” Randolph told Yahoo Sports. “I don’t have the basketball distraction. I’m a more focused student now after being in the real world for a couple of years.”

Hope he handles hazing better than Dez Bryant!

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Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari split!

The lockout is over and so are Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari. After setting the date to their July 2012 wedding, the reality TV star and Chicago Bears quarterback have called it off! Cutler broke the news via Facebook when he changed his relationship status to single but defended his former fiance saying, “Thank you all for the support, but if you talk bad about Kristin I will delete and block you. It’s unnecessary and heartless.”

Many Bears fans dubbed Cavallari as the Yoko Ono after Cutler had to pull out of the NFC title game from a knee injury, but the normally standoffish quarterback told his critics “Also, don’t say now I can play football, I could play football when I had her compared to when I don’t. Football is the least of my worries, so have some respect.”

Cutler and Cavallari began dating in the fall and got engaged in April. The Hills and Laguna Beach star is not taking the news well, “She got dumped,” People.com said, She’s absolutely devastated. She can’t believe this is happening.”

Before Cutler, Cavallari dated Mark Sanchez and Matt Leinart… now that she is back on the market, NFL quarterbacks beware!

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Reggie Bush to star in new reality show

Since he is no longer dating Kim Kardashian Reggie Bush needs some TV time. The “former” New Orleans running back is set to star in a new reality show on CBS. “Same Name” switches celebrities with average people who share the same name.

In Bush’s episode, he spends the day in the life of Reggie Bush a construction worker from Danville, Illinois. Bush Tweeted: “In Danville, Illinois shooting a new TV show for CBS,” he wrote late Wednesday night. “Filming and staying with a cool family out here that shares my last name!”

During his stay, Bush lifted with the Danville high school football team… tough times with the NFL locked out!

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