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Tennessee Titans defensive cordinator flips the bird

Tennessee Titans defensive coordinator Chuck Cecil disagreed with a refs calls against the Titans and let everyone know about it. Cecil gave the middle finger to the ref after the Titans were called on an a neutral zone infraction penalty. The NFL is expected to fine Cecil between $10,000-$25,000. The Titans have a history of flipping the bird, in 2009 owner Bud Adams was fined $250,000 after he gave the middle finger from the owners box after a Titans win over the Buffalo Bills.

Others who also had unfortunate bad luck in Week 4 of the NFL: Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler who left the Bears NY Giants game early. Cutler suffered a concussion after he was sacked nine times in the first half. The Giants beat the 4-0 Bears 17-3. Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick injured his ribs and is scheduled to have an MRI. The Eagles lost to the Washington Redskins and to a familiar face. Former Eagles QB and franchise player Donovan McNabb led the Redskins to victory, 17-12.

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NFL season tickets will not get you out of jury duty

James Beasley Jr. is a Tennessee Titans season ticket holder who was called to jury duty. During the selection process, Beasley told the judge that he could not serve because he was worried that the trial would interfere with the Titans season. Although Beasley was honest, the judge didn’t buy it, telling Beasley that he had many friends who would be glad to use the tickets. The judge even added: “And if you are on this jury, I’ll make sure to have the game on.

Did we mention that the trial was for murder. In the fan’s defense, there are only 8 home games a year, NFL season tickets are expensive.

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