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World Cup Regulation Hottie Recap: Day 19

Jersey to chase: Today’s hottie needs no introduction. Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo’s abs might be more famous than his soccer skills. Hot, talented, and rich, Ronaldo plays for Real Madrid after being transferred from Manchester United for $94 million! Alas, the captain of the Portuguese national team and fashion designer does not have it all, as his team was eliminated from the World Cup. After Portugal was ousted by Spain, Ronaldo was said to be visibly upset… looks like he may need some cheering up.

Recap: In the Battle Royale, Spain and Portugal fought a hard intense battle that remained scoreless until the 63 minute when Spain’s David Villa took a heel pass from Xavi Hernandez. Villa ties Slovakia’s Robert Vittek and Argentina’s Gonzalo Higuain with the most goals for the tournament (4). It was the first goal Portugal allowed in the World Cup. Spain making it into the quarterfinals makes three European teams, however that is the lowest in World Cup history. If you forgot that another game was played today, don’t worry so did we. The Paraguay Japan matchup was also very close and came down to penalty kicks. Paraguay got the edge scoring 5 penalty kicks to Japan’s 3.

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Dutch priest suspended for World Cup themed mass

A Catholic Priest held an all-orange Mass to pray for the Netherlands before their World Cup final against Spain. The Priest needed to pray harder since Spain won, 1-0. Now, to make matters worst, the Priest has been suspended.

Bishop Jozef Punt of Harlem said in a statement that Rev. Paul Viaar of Obdam village, “did not do justice to the sacred nature of the Eucharist.” The all-orange service caused outrange among the Dutch Catholic community.

“People do not understand it. Everybody supports Pastor Paul and we don’t see what was so bad that he should be temporarily suspended,”  Church vice-chairman Win Bijman said.

Viaar decorated the church with orange flags and wore an orange robe. Viaar even acted as a goalkeeper and kicked a football down the aisle.

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Enrique Iglesias to water ski naked for Spain

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Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias made a bet with BBC last month that if Spain won the World Cup he would “get drunk and ski naked in Biscayne Bay.”

Now that Spain has won the World Cup Iglesias’ rep has said for his Miami fans to keep their eyes. Iglesias plans to honor the bet and even joked about it with Matt Lauer on the Today Show.Iglesias was on hand to perform his new song off the Jersey Shore soundtrack

Feeling a little frisky, Iglesias kissed a fan while preforming his classic “Hero.” Not a big deal if this guy is going to waterski naked.

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No love child for Landon Donovan

In the midst of the World Cup, US soccer star was informed he may have a love child with a Landon woman with whom he had a fling with while he was separated from his wife.

At tonight’s ESPYS, Donovan told E! Online he “will not be a dad anytime soon.” Donovan’s wife was on hand at the ESPYS where he took home best sports moment for scoring the winning goal in the US’ game against Algeria.

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